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Busy People

2 Spare Hands can make a real difference to busy people.

Working and maintaining a happy home and family is mostly rewarding, sometimes exhausting and almost always time consuming (in the best of ways of course).  But multi-tasking to such an extent inevitably makes us time poor - I have certainly been there & felt that far too often over the years and regularly wished for     2 Spare Hands    

Do some of these sound familiar? 

The ironing pile's nearing avalanche proportions

The drycleaning's been ready for pick up for weeks

The plumber can finally fix the shower on Thursday but I'm too busy at work to dash home 

You're hosting the office Christmas party at home but the house needs a spruce up and the garden's overgrown

Aunty Marg needs driven to her hair appointment next Friday but that clashes with the kids' sports day at school


                   and there are bound to be more ! 



At 2 Spare Hands we LOVE gardening duties- we can do as much or as little as you wish.

We can plan an entirely new garden or just give your existing layout a pre-Christmas tidy-up.

We also provide a regular maintenance service.

Moving house

As well as helping prepare your home for selling,

2 Spare Hands can also help with the often cumbersome packing and unpacking process.

Let us share the workload, reduce the stress and speed up the job. 

For some, downsizing from a family home to a smaller retirement property can be distressing in a myriad of ways and we give you our commitment to ongoing professionalism, tact and sensitivity in such circumstances.  

Pet Care

How about:

Your pet taken to the vet for routine appointments;

The dog walked;

The cat fed;

The fish tickled

OK maybe not the last one but we're happy to help with the rest ! 



These are just some of the services 2 Spare Hands offers busy people. Talk to us about how we can help.