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About Ali

Hi, I’m Ali. After a 30 year professional career, and my experiences with juggling work / home / parenting / contributing to the community,  (with a bit of eating & sleeping thrown in just to make sure I didn't completely crash and burn) - I found that despite my multi-tasking SuperWoman efforts  -   my to-do list rarely seemed to get any shorter! 

Of course I wasn't the only one juggling so many things at once - it seemed to be a constant concern for most people I talked to - Soooooo after much navel gazing, contemplation and multiple conversations with friends, family and business mentors, I decided to develop my 2 Spare Hands idea.    



Wellington's Western Suburbs Resident

I've been a Karori resident for 20 years and while my children were small I was involved with Karori Plunket, then Wrights Hill Kindergarten, then Karori Normal School.  My daughter went to Wellington Girls College before heading to Victoria University and my son is currently attending Wellington College.  

Real Estate Experience

I worked in the Wellington Real Estate industry for almost 10 years, so I have a keen eye for the details (interior and exterior) that can make a difference when presenting properties to the market, whether they be rentals or family homes.  

I can provide a report detailing areas requiring cosmetic attention. 

Please note: 2 Spare Hands are not Tradespeople or Building Inspectors however if an obvious structural issue is identified,  this will be brought to your attention. 

Home Support - Elderly / New Parents / Recovering from illness or surgery

While not a Medical Professional, I am available to help the Elderly or those recovering from illness or injury who might need a hand (or 2) around the house.  

One of my favourite roles is helping new families get on top of household tasks so they can concentrate on the important stuff that comes with a new baby in the house  - while also providing company, a listening ear, or even a hug when needed.   

You can be confident I bring a caring and patient approach to all my clientele. 


Animal Lover

Our family pets consist of two aged moggies who rule the household (of course) - Bruce is now 15 years old and Keith has just had his 10th birthday. 

Much to the cats disgust, five years ago we adopted our first retired Greyhound - Sonny then 6 months later, a second greyhound, Miss Google Magoo joined the family.